Message in a bottle

The highly successful ’Message in a bottle’ is a product developed from our very own, unique ideas. Its core material, the fibreglass is imported from Germany and its structural rigidity is much higher compared to the average laboratory test-tubes. Its decoration always depends on the character of the actual occasion. We have already created thousands of versions of them based on individual orders. When customers see this product on the shelves in the shops their first question is always: „What are these for?”


Originally we designed it as a cool wrapping for a short message with a few lines. However, due to our customers’ resourcefulness, we developed it for other purposes as well. People used it for handing over gratuity to doctors, as a graduation gift added to a bouquet of flowers filled with bank notes, as a wrapping of wedding invitations (this is listed in our repertoire as a special offer), or as a case for jewellery or a pen.  



We have also used it as a promotional gift filled with chocolate and spices. As further needs arose to use it as an invitation for children’s birthday parties, we also offer this piece made from unbreakable, crystal clear polystyrene. Each type is locked with a cork. Our partners may purchase it in 30-piece packages accompanied by a designed paper tray.