Gift accessories


Gift cards

We have folded gift cards, their unfolded size is 8.5 cm x 4.75 cm and there are two types available. They come in landscape or portrait format, and with or without captions. They are made of 220g/m2 creative cardboard. Piece by piece they come in cellophane packaging.


For marketing facilitating purposes we offer them to our resellers with paper trays, which encompass 80 cards. Generally we provide them with ligaments matching each card, which can be exchanged for clips if needed.  



Gift cards with clips

This is a gift card with or without captions, mounted to a clip. A moderately decorated card, which can easily be clipped onto the stem of a flower or on the side of your wrapping paper. It is sold in cellophane, which comes in four different colours and designs.   


Small bottle gift accessories

You can write your message on a small piece of paper placed into a tiny (5 cm high) bottle and then tie it around a gift with a thin golden thread placed around the neck of the bottle. The bottles are locked with a cork. If needed, it can be filled with small chocolate balls to be given as a gift. It is a favourite wedding ‘thank you’ gift.